Everyone can learn it
easily and interestingly.

You can learn computational thinking skill
that thinks logically and solves problems by yourself
through immersive educational contents in game form.

Visual programming

Unlike difficult text programming language like C and JAVA, anyone can easily start coding by using visual programming language in block form.

Coding which is as exciting as playing game

Get out of existing education in which you just imitate and experience self-directed learning contents which you can play like game by yourself.

Step-by-step learning course

Starting from learning basic coding principles like sequence, loop, and conditional to deepening computational thinking skill learning, specialized curriculum which is organized in step-by-step procedure is ready for you.

CT [Computational thinking skill-Computational Thinking]
Central education

We give priority to computational thinking skill central education
which one thinks like computer scientist and solves problem by oneself
rather than technical education which simply learns coding grammars.

Education that raises creators who think Facebook,
Google, and Apple instead of mass producing programmars

Students' CT capability comprehensive assessment
through CODMOS level test

Data processing

Gathering information and
making sense of data by finding
patterns or developing insights.

Pattern Recognition & Generalization

Observing patterns, trends, and regularities
in data and creating models, rules,
principles, or theories of observed patterns
to test predicted outcomes.


Reducing complexity
to define main idea.


Having computers
or machines
do repetitive tasks.


Simultaneous processing of
smaller tasks from a larger task
to more efficiently reach
a common goal.

CODMOS CT [Computational thinking skill]

We have a curriculum that focuses on enhancement of computational thinking skill
based on visual based coding language, Blockly developed by Google.

Block coding basic course

Code Syntax

LOS01 : CODMOS basic grammar
(sequence, loops, conditionals)

LOS02 : CODMOS basic grammar
(input, output, event)

LOS03 : CODMOS basic grammar
(variable, calculation)

Computational thinking course

Computational Thinking

LCT01 : Computational thinking
(pattern recognition)

LCT02 : Computational thinking

LCT03 : Computational thinking
(backtracking algorithm)

Physical computing course

Physical Computing

LPC01 : hamsterbot
(solving maze)

LPC02 : Arduino
(Simply weather station)

LPC03 : raspberry pie
(smart home)

for students

fun like game

You can not only enhance computational thinking skill,
but also feel a sense of achievement and interest through
educational contents which are made up like a game.

self-directed learning

It's made up so that one can naturally enhance
computational thinking skill by stages
in the process of solving missions by oneself.


for educator

Prepared curriculum

It provides customized data for teachers
such as contents for each level,
teaching plan, and lecture material

Offer LMS system

We provide you with student management process
and dashboard together such as
students' study monitoring and current status review.


Many children are using CODMOS.

Based on May, 2018

765 Unit

5082872 Times

1017265 Time


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